• Interim Technology Director: Lauren Marquis

    IT Administrator: Kenneth Marsh

    Instructional Technology Teaching Assistant: Denice Clapper

     Tech Support: 845-373-4100 ext. 5507

    Instructional Technology: 845-373-4100 ext. 5508

     Technology Mission: Our mission is to educate students to look beyond today. The school community will utilize technology resources to enhance instruction, promote life­long thinking, learning and communication skills necessary for success in a 21st century global community. Educators will facilitate each student’s individual learning path by matching technology tools with a variety of learning styles and academic levels. Our students will leave Webutuck equipped with life skills they need to make a significant contribution to society.”

    Technology Goals: 

    Goal #1 – Provide a safe, flexible, and effective learning environment for all students.

    Goal #2 – Foster collaborative opportunities among administrators, teachers and students to develop curriculum that integrates technology and makes use of all available resources. 

    Goal #3 – Engage students in authentic learning opportunities and appropriate tools to gain knowledge, develop skills, extend capabilities, and create and disseminate artifacts that demonstrate their understandings. 

    Goal #4 – Provide an individualized learning path through the use of data driven instruction and feedback provided by a variety of data collection tools to improve student performance.

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Mrs. Marquis
Mrs. Clapper