• District Office

    Superintendent of Schools: Ray Castellani

    Business Administrator: Robert Farrier

    Deputy Treasurer: Mary Clinton

    District Clerk: Therese Trotter

    Treasurer: Gazella Lejeune

    Personnel Assistant: Louise Giewont

    Account Clerk: Kim Coon

    Building Principals

    High School: Katy McEnroe

    Intermediate School: Mathew Pascale

    Elementary School: Jennifer Hengen


    District Support Services

    Director Of Curriculum/Instruction, Student Services: Jennifer Eraca

    Director of Transportation: Jerry Heiser

    Director of Food Services: Sheila Moran

    Director of Facilities: Walt Kilmer

    Director of Athletics: Kathleen Howard/Matthew Pascale 

    Director of Technology: Lauren Marquis

    IT Administrator: Boces

    Guidance Counselors: Darlene McLaughlin and Vincent Merendino