Speech language therapy (WES)

  • Karen Thompson

    I have been with the District for 15 years, and I work with students in grades K-4 on articulation, receptive and expressive language (i.e. grammar, vocabulary, language organization), voice, fluency, and social skills. 
    I can be reached by email at karen.thompson@webutuck.org  My phone number at the school is (845) 373-4100  ext. 1024.

    Jordan Stroly

    Working in Webutuck since December 2018, I help pre-K through 4th grade students to improve repetitive language skills (skills used to understand language, expressive language or language used to communicate with others) and social/pragmatic language skills (skills used to effectively converse and interact with others. I also work to improve articulation (speech sound production) fluency and voice.