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  • About the Library Media Center:

    Our school library media center is a vibrant space for learning, exploration, and discovery. We offer a wide range of resources to support students, teachers, and the school community. 

  • Afterschool Makerspace Program

    We are thrilled to be offering the Afterschool Makerspace program again this year! 


    • Eugene Brooks Intermediate School/Webutuck High School Library Media Center
    • Makerspace hours: Monday through Friday 2:15pm - 3:15pm

    About Us:

    We believe in the power of creativity and hands-on learning. Our afterschool makerspace is a place where students can safely explore, experiment, and bring their ideas to life.

    What is a Makerspace?

    A Makerspace is a collaborative workspace where students can create, invent, and learn through various tools and technologies. It's a hub for innovation and problem solving. 

    Makerspace Rules:

    1. Respect others and their projects.
    2. Clean up after yourself.
    3. Use tools and equipment safely.

    Afterschool Makerspace Permission Slip