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    Music teachers Eric Wiener, Daniel Conroy and Marie Herow provide students with opportunities to learn and grow through musical experience.

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  • Students in grades 4-6: Be A Music Warrior - Register for Band & Chorus

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 9/10/2021

    Students in grades 4-6 have the opportunity to learn to play a band instrument and to join Chorus! See the links below for more for more information on how you can be a Webutuck Music Warrior and to register. Sign up now! The deadline is Friday September 17th. Students who are currently enrolled in Band do not need to sign up again

    Beginning Band Instrument Registration & Information

    Chorus Online Registration Form

    Chorus Print Information & Registration Form 

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  • Beginning Band Instruments Registration

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 7/21/2021

    In September, students in grades 4-8 will have the opportunity to learn to play a concert band instrument including: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion. Click the link for more information and to register. Sign up now! Students who are currently enrolled do not need to sign up again. 

    Beginning Band Instrument Registration & Information

    Instrument Rental Flyer

    Rent Online

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  • Three Little Birds - A Song of Hope During the Pandemic

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 7/12/2021

    There is music out there to match any mood or emotion we may be feeling, and if you're like me, the Pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster! Bob Marley's classic song "Three Little Birds", has been a song of hope for over 40 years. Our version is performed by Chorus students in grades 7-12, featuring solos by (in order of appearance) Aerianna O'Halloran (2023), Brendon Simmons ('21), EJ Manning ('24) and Aidan Furey ('23).

    Starting with the basic vocal melody, WHS Chorus students helped to create the arrangement for our unique version, including the 3-part harmony. The 7th and 8th grade students added their voices, as well as body percussion - the pats and claps you hear.

    We recorded in-person, solo as well as socially distanced in small groups.  

    We hope you enjoy our version of Three Little Birds

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  • Congratulations to Jay Bradley! Welcome Daniel Conroy!

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 7/12/2021

    After 20 years of service to Webutuck, Jay Bradley has retired! Thank you Mr. Bradley for your dedication to the Webutuck Music Warriors! We will miss you!

    We would like to welcome Mr. Daniel Conroy to the staff of the Music Department. Mr. Conroy, a graduate of the Crane School of Music, will be joinng us in September as director of the Vocal music program. Mr. Wiener will be director of the Instrumental music program. Mr. Conroy and Mr. Wiener will share General Music teaching duties at EBIS and electives at WHS. Ms. Herow will continue to serve as General Music teacher at WES.

    The Music Department is looking forward to a fantastic school year in 2021-22. As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mr. Wiener at eric.wiener@webutuck.org with any questions or concerns about the Music program.

    Have a great summer!


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  • United by Music

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 6/21/2021

    Pride Logo

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  • Congratulations to NYSSMA Solo Festival Participants

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 5/24/2021

    Webutuck had 9 students participate in the 2021 New York State Scholastic Music Association (NYSSMA) Solo Festival. The solo festival, or NYSSMA as it has come to be known, takes place annually each Spring. This year, the event was virtual for the first time. Students prepare a solo piece of music from the NYSSMA approved list in difficulty levels I-VI, where VI is the most advanced. Each student performs their chosen piece for an adjudicator who rates their performance and provides feedback. Instrumentalists also have to prepare and perform scales. Performances for levels I-IV are scored out of 28 points and rated Needs Improvement - Outstanding. Levels V-VI are scored out of 100 points and rated E-A+. These elements are usually performed in person in front of the judge but this year students submitted videos of their performances.

    9th graders EJ Manning (Voice) and Riley Thirlwall (Clarinet) each performed level V solos, both receiving A+ ratings (97-100), EJ with a perfect score of 100 and Riley, 99!

    Our seven 7th graders, four of whom participated for the first time, all received Excellent or Outstanding ratings for level I-III solos!

    • Carlos Franco Sub - Clarinet, III-Outstanding
    • Ashe Johnson Clarinet, III - Outstanding
    • Michael Johnson - Alto Saxophone, II - Outstanding
    • Sebastian Melchor Agustin - Trumpet, I-Excellent
    • Jonathan Chiarenza -Trumpet, I-Outstanding
    • Daniel Chiarenza - Alto Saxophone, I-Outstanding 
    • Ayden Wheeler - Alto Saxophone, I - Outstanding

    Congratulations to each of our Music Warriors that participated. Your hard work and dedication show and we are extremely proud of you!

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  • United by Music And Proud to Show It!

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 4/27/2021

    The Webutuck Music Warriors are proud to present the 2021 offerings of Music Warrior pride apparel, available for order through May 14th. Show your pride with a tee shirt, sweatshirt or golf shirt featuring the WMW United by Music shield logo. See the attached flyer for more information.

     Shirt Logoi


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  • Covid-19: Musical Connections Bridge Social-Distancing

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 3/19/2020

    Greatings! We hope this finds you well and healthy.

    While practicing social distancing is extremely important to help control the spread of Covid-19, music can help us feel connected to others in many ways. We encourage you to make music and listen to music! Experiment, make mistakes, make noise! Listen to something you havent heard before. A wide world of research documents the positive effects of music on our health, well being and outlook.

    Check back for resources on music making and consuming at all levels. Have something to share? Reach out to us by email. Our contacts are at the top of the page. Also follow Webutuck Music on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates and resources.

    Stay well and healthy and don't forget to keep music a part of your life!

    We hope to see you soon.


    Eric Wiener, Jay Bradley and Marie Herow

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  • Webutuck HS Chorus Performs for Sharon Health Care Residents

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 1/30/2020

    On Wednesday, January 29th, The Webutuck High School Chorus had the joy and honor of visiting with residents of the Sharon Health Care Center, a local nursing facility. Residents gave us a hearty reception and we performed for them some of the songs we've been working on. After the performance, the chorus was invited to join the residents for hot chocolate and cookies.

    Accoriding to Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Liz Sayre, many of the residents that attended our performance are in the dementia unit and "music is so important for dementia patients". One resident said, "I've always enjoyed Chorus. I was in Chorus in high school and went to All-State. Chorus reminds me of high school."

    As an added bonus, we were able to perform for Chorus member Emma Manning's great-grandmother - Grandma Jane - a Sharon Healthcare resident who is about to celebrate her 99th birthday. According to family lore, Grandma Jane used to sing in a band and is the source of the family's musical talent.

    It was such a joy to be able to share our music with the residents of Sharon Healthcare. Thank you for giving us this fantastic opportunity!

    WHS Chorus

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  • Music Department News and Updates

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 1/21/2020

    Happy 2020!


    In November:

    • 7th graders checked out the origins of Hip Hop with Grandmaster Flash at the Bardavon! This was a fantastic trip and, thanks to a grant from the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, our students did not have to pay admission!
    • We highlighted music classes at our 2nd annual Elective Fair. Students got to hear about Music offerings and try out equipment and instruments.
    • Our Elementary Band and Chorus honored veterans at the EBIS Veterans' Breakfast.
    • Senior Deanna Hanze performed with the NYSSMA Zone 10 Area All-State Mixed Chorus. Congratulations Deanna!

    In December:

    • Grades 7-12 and 4-6 did a great job of performing at our Winter Concerts
    • WHS Band and Chorus performed at the annual EBIS Holiday Breakfast
    • 8th Graders Grainne Williams (Flute) and Riley Thirlwall (Clarinet) were accepted to perform in the DCMEA JHS All-County Music Festival Band and Wind Ensemble and 8th Grader Emma Manning and 9th Grader Aerianna O'Halloran were accepted to perform in the Chorus. Well done Music Warriors. Good luck on your performance on 1/25/2020

    In January:

    • Webutuck hosted the DCMEA Elementary All County Audition day. This is a great festival where 5th and 6th grade Band and Orchestra students from across the county come to audion for the All-County festival. Thank you to Music Warriors Amy Hayes, Daisy Matus, Disha Patel, Xin Wong and Kyle Fisher for helping out at the festival. It was a great day!
    • Congratulations to 6th Graders Grace Manning & Jaishaun Fergusson for being accepted to perform with the All-County Chorus and to 6th graders Brian Rivera Lima (Trombone), Michael Johnson (Alto Sax), Ashley Johnson (Clarinet), Zaina Aboueid (Flute), Sebastian Melchor Agustin (Trumpet), Carlos Franco-Sub (Clarinet) and 5th grader Levi Elliott (Trombone) for being accepted to perform in the All-County Band!

    Webutuck Drama Society Musical

    • Auditions were held and the production is under way for the Webutuck Drama Society production of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"
    • Check the Webutuck Drama Society page for updates on the production.


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