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    Music teachers Jay Bradley and Eric Wiener provide students with opportunities to learn and grow through musical experience.

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  • Congratulations to Nola Storms

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 11/20/2018

    Congratulations to 10th Grader Nola Storms for being selected for, and performing in, the NYSSMA Zone 10 Area All-State Music festival held at FDR HS this past weekend.  Despite 6 hours of missed rehearsal due to Friday's cancellation, the concert was a great success. Way to go Nola!

    Nola Storms

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  • After School Chorus Canceled Friday 11/16

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 11/16/2018

    After school Chorus for grades 4-6 is canceled today, Friday, 11/16. Have a great weekend. 

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  • Electronic Music Takes On Halloween

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 11/1/2018
    The Webutuck High School Electronic Music class has been making music using John Carpenter's theme from "Halloween" as jumping off point. 10th graders Dylan Ward and Ein Armstrong took the the lead as Dylan had been showing Ein how to play the three note theme on the piano. One thing led to another and they programmed the theme into the Moog Mother-32 synthesizer as a sequence. Sequencers are built into many synthesizers and allow the user to program pitch and other data into patterns of steps. The sequencer will then play each step in order and repeat the sequence.
    With the Halloween Theme programmed into the Mother-32, Halloween Jam took off. We created a heartbeat sound and a heart monitor sound on our two Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) percussion synthesizers. We connected the three Moog synthesizers together so that the heartbeat sounds played in sync with the tempo of the Halloween Theme. Pretty cool!
    For the last piece of the puzzle, we used the Roland Aira TR-8S Rhythm Performer drum machine. Dylan found a heavy bass drum sound that he liked and went nicely with their eerie sonic creations. Dylan manned the mixer and drum machine and Ein piloted the Moog synth stack. You'll notice some spooky delay effects which were added through the mixer. You can also see that the tempo is controlled by the drum machine. Video by Amy Hayes.
    Halloween Remix was created and performed by 10th graders Robert Ball and Liam Lynch using the same basic materials with a very different vision. Robert, on the mixer and drum machine, developed the rhymic backbone. Liam worked the Moog and we did some simple cut-and-splice remixing using Sonar on the computer.
    Check back often for more happenings of the Webutuck Electronic Music Warriors.


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  • New Drama Society Tab

    Posted by ERIC WIENER on 11/1/2018
    Visit the new Webutuck Drama Society tab on the top left of this page to stay up-to-date on the happenings of the Drama Society. Info for the November 8th Callback auditions has been posted.
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    HS Electronic Music Presents Its 1st Recording!

    Check out the first recorded experiments by students from the WHS Electronic Music class. Listen to Theremin Jam featuring the 10th graders Sara Vega. Nina Martin and Layne Dunton performing on the Moog Theremini theremin and Roland Aira TR-8S drum machine. The instruments were played live into a PreSonus AR16 Mixer, out to a Roland Go:Mixer interface to an iPad and recordeded and edited in GarageBand.
    All components, except for the iPad and Roland Go:Mixer we acquired by Mr. Wiener by fundraising through DonorsChoose. You can support our programs by checking out our current project: Cords for Chords

    We Want You!

    Audition for the Spring Musical Production
    Open to Grades 7 - 12
    DATE:  Tuesday October 23rd
    TIME:   2:50 PM 
    PLACE:  Auditorium
    *     *     *
    For Ensemble Role:
    Just show up!  We'll do some group singing and you may be asked to sing a solo or duet if you are comfortable.
    For Principal Role:
    Please prepare a short section of a song (verse/chorus or 16-32 measures.)  Bring sheet music if you have it.  A cappella is fine.  
    Please sign up ASAP in the EBIS/WHS office ASAP and also fill out the Spring Musical Interest Form if you haven’t already.
    *     *     *
    For ENSEMBLE players, the audition will take an hour or less. For those interested in PRINCIPAL roles, we may go a bit longer.

    Many students will be able to take the 3:45 bus home. Some will take the 5:15 bus. Please plan to be somewhat flexible with your travel arrangements.

    Once the show is announced, we will hold CALL-BACKS for PRINCIPAL roles. 
    If you can’t make the audition but would like to participate, please contact the Music Department and we’ll make alternate arrangements.  Please come out! It'll be an exciting challenge and if you are involved, it will be something you'll never forget!
    Thank you!
    - Joshua Stone, Director

     Webutuck Drama Society Presents...

    An informational meeting about the Spring Musical for students in grades 7-12.

    Wednesday, 10/17/18 in the WHS Auditorium, periods 5, 6, or 7

    All are welcome!

     Meet director Joshua Stone and find out how you can participate in the Musical. Suggestions are encouraged.

    • Actors/Performers
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Stage Crew
    • Director's Interns
    • And more...

    Spring Musical Interest Form

  • Elementary Band and Chorus for grades 4-6 have started. Band is ACE days and Chorus BDF days. Please make sure that your students are prepared to stay on the correspondence days. Students will take the 3:45 bus home. Only students that have been playing for a while are in Band, currently just grades 5 and 6. See Mr. Bradley’s webpage for a complete list of students in Band. Beginning instrument students only need their instruments on lesson days  

    Parental permission is required when a student needs to leave school early and miss class. Please notify the office or Music teacher if your student will miss class on a day they are otherwise in school. This is extremely important for the safety of our students. Unexcused absences will have consequences, such as lunch detention and reduction of grade.

    Please let us know if you have my questions or concerns. We’re looking forward to a fun and musical year with our students!