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  • Webutuck Partners with NYSUT to Provide "Equity for All" Training

     Webutuck Partners with NYSUT

    Pictured L-R: NYSUT President, Andy Pallotta; WTA President, Tammy Nethercott;
    District Superintendent, Ray Castellani; and NYSUT Secretary-Treasurer, J. Philippe Abraham.

    NYSUT President, Andy Pallotta, along with Secretary-Treasurer J. Philippe Abraham
    visited the Webutuck Central School District during the Superintendent’s Conference
    held September 3, to talk about NYSUT’s partnership with the district to provide tailored
    professional development on culturally inclusive classrooms. “WTA President, Tammy Nethercott,
    was instrumental in coordinating the partnership”, said District Superintendent Ray Castellani.

    “We plan to have all faculty and staff participate in this training”, he added.


    Assistant Principal Matt Pascale Leads Positivity Training for Webututck Staff

    Assistant Principal Matt Pascale Leads Positivity Training for Webutuck Staff Project

    The Positivity Project

    Over the summer, careful planning and research was undertaken to create a program that successfully addresses Social/Emotional Learning. The Positivity Project, a new Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative, will roll out in all schools this year, led by Assistant Principal, Matthew Pascale. The Positivity Project is a nationally recognized, holistic approach that seeks to develop an open mindset through five practices, which include: recognizing the good in others, understanding how your words and actions effect on others, supporting others when they struggle, cheering on others when they succeed and giving others your full attention. The initiative will train and involve faculty and staff throughout the district.

     Students on all grade levels will receive explicit instruction. On the elementary level, students will have something tangible to engage them each day during their morning meeting. On the high school and middle school levels, students will participate in advisory periods daily to facilitate character development, strengthen communication skills, and improve the overall school environment.


    Webutuck Central Schools are “Off and Running!”

     Off and running! Webutuck’s first day of classes was filled with new experiences for some, and a welcome back to familiar faces for others. Our new school year is off to a great start and we look forward to an exciting year ahead. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WebutuckCSD and keep up to date on our website at  https://www.webutuckschools.org/


    Welcome Back!

    Ready To Learn

    Principal Hengen Welcomes Pre-K

    Off To a Good Start











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Who We Are

  • Vision

    Webutuck students will possess the knowledge, desire, and ability to achieve their potential and make a significant contribution to society.


    To produce graduates who: Are effective communicators, productive workers, responsible citizens, and creative problem solvers; Have acquired fundamental knowledge in ELA, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Health, and the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge in the above areas as well as in The Arts, International Languages, and Vocational Studies.


    The following statements express the District's commitment to core values and the District's responsibility to help nurture these values in all teaching and support staff, students, and parents.

    • Respect To openly exhibit regard, appreciation, and consideration for others.
    • Responsibility To make moral or rational decisions on one’s own authority and be accountable for ones actions.
    • Integrity To help achieve the District’s vision and mission, and live up to District values in the presence or absence of scrutiny.
    • Pride To gain in self-worth, confidence, and satisfaction through accomplishment.
    • Humility To display modest attitudes and spirit.


    We believe... Every student can learn and is valued. Quality teaching, and parents and teachers working together, are critical to success in student education. Collaborative efforts on the part of the District and community promote responsible citizenship. The District is committed to continuous improvement. Effective communication is critical at all levels.