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Have A Problem? Report it!

CONTACT THE HELP DESK: (845) 373-4100 x5508

During the Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday 9am to 3pm: Dawn Drake at 373-4100 x5509 (



Dawn Drake, Technology Assistant:

Edjane Stewart, Tech: 845-373-4100 x 5507

Kenneth Marsh, Tech: 845-373-4100 x 5507

Lauren Marquis, Technology Director: 845-373-4100 x 5508


If you are a teacher, fill out a KACE ticket for any technology issues and we will get to you shortly. 

KACE Ticketing System

If you are a student who has a problem with their iPad or Chromebook, please fill out the form below and report it to one of your teachers. We will call you down to help you during one of your free periods. 

The Webutuck Central School District  is dedicated to providing as much support as we can to families/students using technology at home to continue their studies. If you are having an issue with technology, our IT department will try our best to help you find a solution to the problem. Please fill out the form below, and then allow for 24 to 72 hours of response time. We will respond during normal school hours.

Student Device Issues Form