• Here is the list of Professional Development  Spring 2022 offerings from Webutuck that count towards SC Day at the End of the Year: 



    Here are several offerings from various organizations for distance learning professional development. 



    ELT Free Virtual Seminars:

    To help members during this anxious time, NYSUT's Education & Learning Trust is offering four free virtual seminars highlighting the need for self-care; how to help students succeed emotionally and academically; and practical tips for working from home.

    Please note: the registration site will say the cost is $75, but NYSUT members just need to hit the promo code for the free training. Members requiring registration help should email ELT@nysut.org.


    Apple Offerings:

    Apple offers resources for K-12 educators that include teaching tools, guides and curriculum.

    OTIS Online Professional Development Through TEQ:

    Otis TEQ site


    eLearning with Castle Learning:

    A variety of NEW eLearning Webinars are now available to assist you with your online instruction with students:
    • eLearning with Castle Learning Basics of creating classes, assignments and assigning online to students with resources such as videos, class notes, audio files, etc. 
    • Your Online Meeting/Presentation Program with Castle Learning - How to use Castle Learning assignments and the assign-to-self feature to display on your screen while using a Meeting/Presentation Program such as GotoMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.  
    • Administrators - Reading Reports - Viewing the online progress of teachers and students 
    • Write Your Own Questions - Elective Courses using eLearning with Castle Learning – Write your own or copy/paste from your own source
    • Q&A - eLearning with Castle Learning – 1 hour open session
    • Health & Physical Education - Learn how to use our Health & Physical Education courses
    • Attaching Resources to Assignments - Videos, Class Notes, Audio Files, etc.

    Our video tutorials are a great resource as well.  Be sure to check out Add-ons & Integrations for instructions on how to link assignments in Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology.



    The New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education offers a variety of online resources, events and more.