parking permit

Student Parking Info.

  • As per Board of Education requirement, only students who have attended the C.A.P.E. workshop may be permitted to drive and park on campus.

    Parking Permits are free, replacement will cost $20.  Students who drive vehicles to school park at their own risk and must understand that the school, or Board of Education, cannot be held responsible for the vehicle.  If you should obtain a different car, you must come in, turn in the old sticker, and change your registration sheet immediately!!   The following rules apply to the parking lot and student driving:


    • Students riding in another person's car must have a note from both the driver's and passenger's parent/guardian.


    • Students who drive to school and park on school property agree to the search of their vehicles by administrators and/or law enforcement.


    • Students must maintain passing grades to be eligible to park on campus.  Grades will be checked every five (5) weeks and driving privileges will be suspended for those students who are failing two (2) or more classes.


    • Parking privileges will be revoked or suspended upon 8th tardy to school.


    • Parking privileges will be revoked or suspended if student leaves school without permission.


    • Students are not allowed to go to their cars during school hours.


    • Parking violations, such as parking in faculty spaces, parking in a prohibited area, speeding, exhibition driving, (spinning car around, sliding, spinning tires, etc.), driving with a person on the outside of the car (the hood, trunk, fender, etc.) or going the wrong way will result in immediate and permanent revocation of driving privileges.


    • Vehicles without permits or parked in a non-designated area will be towed.


    • Upon arrival to school, students are to exit their vehicles immediately and enter into the building.  Students are not to loiter in cars or the parking lot before or after school.