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    Having grown up in Wassaic, I pride the connection and support the Wassaic Project has provided for our rural community. As a child, before Metro North, Maxon Mills was an abandoned structure, left to rise above Wassaic for years to come. Thankfully, the Wassaic Project has given new life to this historical structure, all while increasing access to the arts in and around our area. Fortunately for the Webutuck community, we are incredibly lucky to have such a beneficial art outlet for our children!

    Did you know that there is a creative space for kids located within Maxon Mills? Tucked above the first floor of the gallery, The Art Nest is a child centered space, dedicated to the endless possibilities in which creativity provides. I have been lucky enough to visit this space and I am beyond impressed with the offerings for our students. I look forward to our future collaborations and bringing the world of the arts to as many Webutuck families as possible!


    Art Nest