Webutuck Board of Education held the November 6, 2006 meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Webutuck High School Library.


The following Board members were present:

Joanne Boyd

Dale Culver

Joseph Herald left at 9:05 pm

Susan Lounsbury

Joseph Matteo

John Perotti


Also Present:

Dr. Richard N. Johns, Superintendent

Kevin Geoghan, School Business Administrator

Kenneth Sauer, WHS Principal

Scott Richards, EBMS Principal

Mike O�Neil, WES/AES Principal

Tracy Trotter, Superintendent�s Secretary

Kristi Fisher, Student Representative



Bernadette Coniglio



Ms. Lounsbury called the business meeting of November 6, 2006 to order at 7:37 p.m.��



The President of the CSEA Union stated the with regards to tenure that teaching assistants have been doing their job long before they were grandfathered in.The Superintendent explained how tenure works.


PRESENTATION:Advisor Program

Mr. Sauer and Mr. Richards reported on the Advisor/Advisee Program in each of their respective buildings.The High School�s Program has been active for seven months while the Middle School implemented the Advisor Program just this year.Mr. Sauer asked for feedback from his faculty, unions, etc.Several stated they liked it while others weren�t as happy.Mr. Richards felt the Program was so new in his building that there wasn�t a lot of data to present at this point in time.Mr. Richards did report the teachers had different areas they liked and discussed them.Both Principals stated that a teacher would get out of it what they put in to it.It will continue to be monitored as to the impact it is having on the students.




No discussion took place.


2.MOA Advisor/Advisee Program

The District needed a successor agreement as last year�s MOA was sunset in July 2006.


3.Surplus Vehicles - Trucks #35 and 35A

The Business Administrator stated the District had a higher bid than the original bid of $100 that was denied at the previous Board meeting.The other surplus truck went to the second highest bidder after the first bidder looked at the vehicle and took his bid off the table.It was established through discussion with Board members that there need not be a vote.


4.French Trip

Several Board members had questions regarding the trip.Due to events in Aruba a Board member wanted to be sure of student safety.Questions arose about how many chaperones would be going.The Superintendent will get more information to the Board members.


5.Internal Audit Selection

The Business Administrator briefly discussed the Audit selection at the Audit/Finance Committee meeting. Nugent and Haeussler was picked as the Audit firm and a representative from the firm will be attending the next Audit/Finance Meeting on November 13. A Board member asked for background on the firm for the next Board meeting.


6. Long Range Facility Plan Review

The Superintendent spoke about eventually walking away from AES and having the K-2 classes up at the main campus. The Board needs to revisit the LRFP and discuss it. It was also stated by the Superintendent the Excel Aid needs to be used as well as money that had been earmarked for a transportation garage. Discussion ensued.


7. Establish Account for Class 2013

No discussion took place.


8. Receive Audit Report

No comments were made. It will be accepted at the next Board meeting.


9. Approval of Textbook - Music Theory for Non-Music Major

The Superintendent stated the District did offer this course several years ago and the Music teacher would like to begin to teach it again. Discussion ensued.


10. Donation of Guitar

No discussion took place.


11. Policies: #507b 3rd Reading

A Board member stated that he did not want property taxes deducted from the tuition rate. It was suggested to the Business Administrator to check other local districts and find out what their policy is on this matter.

#303 1st Reading

It was decided the Policy will read that the principals are the head of BETs however, any member could be the chairperson. The change was duly noted.


#304 1st Reading

The Superintendent stated he felt strongly that an architect should be on board for a District whether by relationship or retainer. Any pertinent questions that come up can be addressed by the architect.


#522 1st Reading

It was stated the Eligibility Coordinator checks student eligibility thoroughly and it is ongoing.


12. Work-Study Job Placement List

The jobsites will be added to the Districts insurance policy and any new sites will be as they come up.


13. Teacher Assistant Tenure Review

The review will happen in Executive Session.



An audience member spoke about the District budget process. He state as a District the presentation that is given to the public helps sell the budget. It needs to be done well.



A Board member would like Committee meetings to begin later. It was decided the Facilities Committee will meet on the third Monday of the month at 7:30 pm. The next Facilities meeting will be held on November 20, 2006 at 7:30 pm.



Mrs. Boyd made and Mr. Culver seconded a motion to adjourn to executive session at 9:17 p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel issues. The five Board members present voted to approve the motion. The motion carried.



Mr. Matteo made a motion to adjourn the executive session and reconvene the public session at 9:40 p.m. The five Board members present voted to approve the motion. The motion carried.



There being no further business, Mr. Matteo motioned to adjourn the meeting of November 6 at 9:40 pm. The five Board members present voted to approve the motion. The motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Tracy Trotter

District Clerk