Webutuck Board of Education held the November 3, 2008 Worksession meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Webutuck High School Library.


The following Board members were present:

Dale Culver

Joseph Herald

Andrew Jablonsky

William McGhee

John Perotti



Susan Lounsbury

Joseph Matteo


Also Present:

Dr. Richard Johns

Linda Peters

Therese Trotter



President Culver called the Work Session meeting of November 3, 2008 to order at 7:40 p.m.  



The following comments were made by audience members:

-Would like to park a truck in the High School parking lot to collect coats and blankets for the less fortunate?  They will be redistributed to local families. Yes.

-What is happening with the butterfly garden?  The garden will be maintained at its present location.

-It is dark now when the 5:00 pm sports run bus drops students off. Getting students across streets is a safety concern.  Bus Drivers would like to move the pick up time back to the original time.  The Superintendent explained why he felt it was not a good idea.

-A women felt when she applied for a job at school she did not get the job because of the color of her skin.




Principal Katy McEnroe stated the Elementary Schools were focusing on writing and math goals.  The percentage increases for their goals have not changed from last year.  The Principal discussed the fact the BET feels the elementary have not reached last year’s percentage – therefore they do not want to over-reach by increasing the goal margin.  She went onto explain the BET feels strongly that goals can take several years to achieve.  Discussion ensued.



Mr. Tannini reported on the transportation department.  He summarized the number of vehicles, the types and mileage of each of those vehicles and which vehicles he would like to switch out for newer vehicles.  He explained to the Board what and how inspections are graded.  He stated that he sees a need for five new vehicles in the upcoming 2009-2010 budget.  Board members discussed the idea of five vehicles being excessive in this economic climate.  The Board asked if cameras were included in the new buses because it stated in the transportation proposition cameras were to be included.  There was a new bus that was acquired by the District that did not have a camera on it.  Discussion ensued.



 The Superintended explained to the Board coaching certification.  The District does offer a couple of coaching classes.  The District has to be a certified site to offer coaching certification classes.  The Superintendent spoke with Athletic Director’s in neighboring school districts and those schools did not have their certified coaches.  A Board member asked to have the Coaching certification regulation in this week’s Board packet.


He spoke about several other items: the Superintendent reported recycling began in the Middle and High School and it was going well; he stated the EXCEL project’s final submission was received today and the Project will be approved at the next Board meeting; the District received a donation of furniture from Salisbury Bank; the Board added a seventh goal, Client Satisfaction, to their goal list.  Discussion ensued.



1.  Personnel

A Board member asked to have the comparison of individuals interviewed for the human resource position.  The School Business Administrator will put it in the next Board packet.


2.  MOA Special Education Overload

The District has an overload in enrollment in special education in the High School.  It has been expanding rapidly.  The Superintendent recommended paying two special education teachers in the High School for an overload class.  He explained how he would calculate their pay.  The Board agreed with the recommendation.


3.  Omni Group as 403b Administrator

The School Business Administrator discussed receiving a service agreement from NYBEST for Omni.  Joining the NYBEST consortium will allow the District to recognize cost reductions.  Omni will provide administration of 403b plans for the District.  The Business Administrator will have Girvin and Ferlazzo look it over before the Board approves it.


4.  Surplus Van 97

A Board member discussed looking at if we really should surplus a certain vehicle.  Getting it fixed is much less expensive than buying a new vehicle.  It would stretch the life of the vehicle.  Discussion ensued.


5. Donation of Computers through the CREATE (Computer Recycling for Education and Technology Enhancement Act) project.

The District has used CREATE once before.  It is a program through BOCES that donates used computers to the District that are fully loaded.  A Board member said he saw many computers on the shelf at MES-he thought he saw forty computers there.  The School Business Administrator will ask the Technology Director about it.


The Superintendent explained that the Smartboards installation has become a problem.  Smartboards have to be installed very low at the elementary because the students are small and the cameras shoot down to the smartboards at such an angle that the image is not clear.  They are trying to figure out what approach to take – possibly trade them to the High School.



The following comments were made by audience members:

-Who approved the new maintenance truck?  What was the cost?  The Superintendent stated they would talk about the issue after they came out of Executive Session.



- How did we come about getting a truck? The proposition said it was contingent on surplusing the old vehicle.

- It is a violation of the use public money when it’s not authorized.



Mr. McGhee made and Mr. Perotti seconded a motion to adjourn to executive session at      9:35 pm for the purpose of discussing acquisition of sale of property. The five Board members present voted to approve the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.



Mr. Herald made and Mr. Perotti seconded a motion to adjourn the executive session and reconvene the public session at 10:54 pm.  The six Board members present voted.  The motion passed unanimously.


It was decided that the truck will be returned to the dealership and discussion will take place on how this happened.




There being no further business, Mr. Perotti made and Mr. Jablonsky seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting of November 3, 2008 at 10:55 pm.


Therese M. Trotter

District Clerk