Webutuck Board of Education held the October 6, 2008 Worksession meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Webutuck High School Library.


The following Board members were present:

Dale Culver

Joseph Herald

Susan Lounsbury

William McGhee

Joseph Matteo

John Perotti



Andrew Jablonsky


Also Present:

Dr. Richard Johns

Linda Peters

Therese Trotter



President Culver called the Workshop meeting of October 6, 2008 to order at 7:37 p.m.††



The following comments were made by audience members:

-Webutuck should consolidate with another school district

The Facility Committee met and began looking at consolidation throughout the District.

-Is there a pizza receipt for the oven that was scraped? Yes

-The AES butterfly garden is missing.It was mowed over.



The Superintendent reported that there was a Facility meeting tonight.Discussion began reviewing the Long Range Facility Plan and making amendments the plan.Ideas were discussed on moving kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 to WES with a new wing perhaps.There was concern stated that at the next five year inspection at AES many items will cause AES not to pass. The Board needs to discuss if it will stay in AES.He also stated that the Board will discuss non-tenured teaching staff in executive session after the meeting tonight. The Board has their proposed goals in their packet and they were put in draft from for the Board to look at and make changes on.Lastly, the Board has the WTA contract on the agenda for approval.



1. Personnel

The Superintendent stated there is mostly seasonal personnel on the recommendations.

2. 2 Tax Refunds

This represents a duplicate payment made.


3.WTA Contract

A Board member thanked Dale and Joe in their efforts to settle the contract.It was stated that it is better to sit around the table and come to a reasonable agreement.Nancy Gagne and Glen White were thanked for getting the issues settled.


4.Food Service

SBO provided an overall summary of where food service is at this point in time.

A Board member commended Jeanne Farese and Jo-Ann and Linda on the work done.It was suggested that a bi-monthly report be given to the Board of Education.Discussion ensued.



1.Approval of WTA Contract

Mrs. Lounsbury made and Mr. Perotti seconded the following motion:

The Board President thanked Glen White and Nancy Gagne on their efforts and hoped for a better relationship going forward.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of Webutuck School District approves the terms and conditions of a five (5) year (2007-2012 contract) with the Webutuck Teachers Association (WTA), as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools.

The six Board members present voted to approve the motion.The motion carried unanimously



A Board member requested the Superintendent to review the Bi-Valley Athletic League with other Superintendents.Discussion ensued.



There was no comment.



Mr. Matteo made and Mrs. Lounsbury seconded a motion to adjourn to executive session at 8:15 pm for the purpose of discussing particular personnel matter. The six Board members present voted.The motion carried unanimously.



Mr. Perotti made and Mr. Herald seconded a motion to adjourn the executive session and reconvene the public session at 10:00 pm.The six Board members present voted.The motion passed unanimously.

The six Board members present voted to approve the motion.The motion carried unanimously.



There being no further business, Mr. Perotti made and Mr. Herald seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting of October 6, 2008 at 10:00 pm.