August 20, 2007


The Webutuck Board of Education Meeting held the August 20, 2007 meeting at 7:30 pm in the Webutuck High School Library


The following members were present:

Dale Culver, President

Joseph Herald

Andrew Jablonsky

Susan Lounsbury

William McGhee



Bernadette Coniglio

John Perotti


Also Present:

Dr. Richard N. Johns, Superintendent

Kevin Geoghan, School Business Administrator



Mr. Culver called the meeting of August 20 2007 to order.



Mr. Geoghan was appointed Clerk Pro Tem by order of the Chair without objection.



Several comments were heard concerning the athletic director position. Members of the public were thanked for their input.



There was no additional discussion




1. Motion to Authorize an Increase the Tax Certiorari Reserve Fund

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education hereby approves an increase in the Tax Certiorari reserve fund in the amount of $25,283 as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools.

Made by: Mr. Herald��������������� Second: Mr. Jablonsky

Discussion: The Board recognized the increase in the Tax Certiorari Reserve Fund, as proposed, would bring the fund to 100% of active Certiorari claims.

Vote: Unanimous

The motion carried.



2. Motion to Authorize Issuance of Tax Warrant

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education approves the revised tax warrant for the 2007-2008 school year as listed below and recommended by the Superintendent of Schools:


Made by: Mr. Herald��������������� Second: Ms. Lounsbury�����������

Discussion: The Board recognized the year end financial performance was better than projected at the time the budget was presented to voters and an additional transfer of funds to the to the Debt Service Fund would be necessary to bring the year-end fund balance to the level necessary to keep the tax levy at the level presented to voters.

Vote: Unanimous

The motion carried.


Town�������������������������� Amount of Levy�������� Tax Rate (per thousand)

Ancram����������� ��������� $���� 222,328����������������������������� 19.17��

Amenia ������������� ������������5,625,174����������������������������� 10.80

Dover�� ����������������������� �������31,912����������������������������� 29.20

Northeast�������������������� 3,934,218����������������������������� 11.68

Stanford���������������������� ���� 731,721����������������������������� 22.98

Washington����������������� ���� 456,338����������������������������� 10.80

Total Levy����� ��������� $11,001,690


Collection Period:������ September 5 through October 4 without penalty

����������������������������������� October 5 through November 5 with 2% penalty

����������������������������������� Installment Plan - 1st Installment due by September 15 ������������ ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �����������������2nd Installment due by March 15. A service charge of 5% will �������������������������������������������� ����

�������������������������� be added to installment payments by the Dutchess County Finance Commissioner


The total tax levy of $11,001,690 includes any tax reimbursement by New York State through the State of New York School Tax Relief (STAR) Program.




The Board received positive comments about having options available to it as a result of the Districts strong financial condition.

A member of the public mentioned the importance of the Districts wellness policy and its relationship to both food service and athletic director positions.

The Board received a recommendation, and acknowledged its intent, to update financial parameters for next year.




A member called the Boards attention to a comment from the public concerning school supply lists and whether they created a financial burden for some families.




Motion to convene to executive session for the purpose of discussing one or more personnel matters.

Made by: Mr. Jablonsky Second: Mr. McGhee

Discussion: None Vote: Unanimous

The motion carried




Motion to reconvene public session and adjourn.

Made by: Mr. Jablonski

Without objection, the motion carried