Webutuck Board of Education held the July 9, 2007 Worksession meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Webutuck High School Library.


The following Board members were present:

Dale Culver

Joseph Herald

Andrew Jablonsky

Susan Lounsbury

William McGhee

John Perotti



Bernadette Coniglio


Also Present:

Dr. Richard N. Johns, Superintendent

Kevin Geoghan, Business Administrator

Therese Trotter, District Clerk




President Culver called the Worksession meeting of July 9, 2007 to order at 8:46 p.m.



Audience member's comments were as follows:

- audience member state he did not storm out of the room after his comments at the last Board meeting. He told the Board to watch the Superintendent and School Business Official.

- asked about budget transfers, when the audience member, who had been a Board member, last saw one it did show the initial amount which was budgeted for that line and it did show the revised amount but didn't show where that change came from. Does it now?

- spoke about substitutes and what a substitute does in a day and she spoke about the Cafeteria Committee

- A Board member spoke about good publicity in the newspapers not just sensationalism. We are a community that cares about its students. It was suggested that positive student or school information be submitted to the Board regularly - spoke about substitute rates to pull in qualified people and also adding Poughkeepsie Journal, as another designated newspaper

- a Board member suggested scratching "Public Comment on Agenda Items" in the beginning of all Board meetings and have Public Comment to accommodate audience members

- a Board member suggested designating two newspapers - what about a building for maintenance equipment?


The 2006-2007 Annual Superintendent's Report will be given to the Board at the July 16 or August meeting. The deadline for the second posting for Elementary Principal was today. The District has received many applications this time but they are general applications from a website and not specifically to us. We will set up interviews by next week. Discussion ensued.



1. Personnel

A Board member would like to discuss item #1 in Executive Session. It was pointed out

item #2 tenure area was incorrect and changed. A Board member questioned the

amendment on #6 and it was asked if the employee was aware of the situation. The

Superintendent stated new teachers should not be Varsity coaches in two sports; it is too

much for them.


2. Lease renewal for NECC

The District had a hard time calculating utility consumption in previous years. This lease will now take a percentage of the square foot they occupy and the District will charge them for all utilities. NECC has agreed. A Board member asked if the District has spoken to NECC regarding the after school program and the Historical Society using the space together. It was suggested to the Superintendent to have that discussion and bring it back to the Board.


3. 2 MOAs WTA

They will be discussed in Executive Session.


4. Long Range Facility Plan Review

The Plan is a year and a half old. It needs to be reviewed by the Board. It was suggested using a Worksession to just talk about the Long Range Facility Plan. The Plan will be in Friday's Board packet.


5. Disposal of Outdated Literature and Math Books

A Board member asked what has been done with outdated books in the past? The District stored them. Discussion ensued.



A Board member had a question on the attorney letter and the appointment of mediator. The date on the letter does not coincide with the date the Board approved the mediator. The Superintendent explained the time frame.



- An audience member stated the District needs a bus garage or add on to the existing garage so the maintenance equipment is under a roof.

- An audience member stated the District can appoint the Poughkeepsie Journal strictly, as needed, as another designated newspaper and also how large an insurance policy does

the lease for NECC require. Discussion ensued. It was suggested the amount be stated in the lease.




Mr. Herald made and Mr. Jablonsky seconded a motion to adjourn to executive session at 9:19 pm for the purpose of discussing particular personnel matters and land acquisition. The six Board members present voted. The motion carried unanimously.



Mr. Herald made and Mr. Perotti seconded a motion to adjourn the executive session and reconvene the public session at 10:40 pm. The six Board members present voted. The motion passed unanimously.



There being no further business, Mr. Perotti made and Mr. Herald seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting of July 9, 2007 at 11:00 pm.