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Recycling Coming to High School in 2023

The Environmental Club hopes to have locations in the high school for students to place recyclable items such as paper, bottles and cans this January.

Environmental ClubClub members met in December to discuss their plans and another meeting is tentatively scheduled for Jan. 11 so a member of the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency may attend and talk with club members about recycling.

“I was excited to have the students engaging with the idea we’re going to restart recycling at the high school,” said Patrick McKeever, science teacher and faculty advisor for the club. “We’ve got a number of steps to get through before the program is fully online. We’re making progress and that’s great. I like that the students are taking on some leadership roles and doing some engagement on their own.

“Everybody has been great. The administration is totally on board. The teachers are on board as well.”

The Environmental Club is new to Webutuck for the 2022-2023 school year. Alexis Winters, a sophomore, is the president of the club and said recycling is just the start.

“We’re thinking of doing other things, but nothing is set right now,” she said.

Kai Brant, a senior and club treasurer, is hoping the club will raise funds and awareness on campus.

“I decided to join and help out because I really like the environment,” he said. “I dislike the cities; the cities are terrible. Every time I go there I realize how beautiful it is up here. I want to preserve the environment so that my children and my children’s children will be able to enjoy that with me.”

He added, “I’m excited to see where the club goes and I’m hoping that it will continue long past the time that I leave this school.”