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Students’ artwork showcased at annual Art Show

Angie Perez is a newcomer to Webutuck High School who found herself in the spotlight with her peers at the district’s annual Art Show May 21 and 22.

Art ShowThe senior was chosen by her art teacher, Craig Wickwire, to have 12 pieces of her artwork displayed on its own board at the show.

“I was really shocked,” said Perez. “When I do my artwork, I don’t really expect to see it on display. For him to give me my own board, I was really grateful he did that.”

Wickwire said, “I try to do that for a senior as a spotlight being it’s their senior year, and if the work is thoughtful enough, it deserves a spot of its own. I’m most impressed with her ability to move between materials, techniques and ideas.”

Perez, who moved into the district in November, uses ink pens, markers and watercolors to incorporate nature’s elements – bugs, plants, flowers and creatures – into her artwork.

“I enjoy the ecosystem and the environment,” said Perez, a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home who hopes to one day be a registered nurse.

Perez added about her art class, “It was really therapeutic. I feel most of the time in high school you really get stressed out and sitting in class drawing and painting takes your mind off things. It was really fun.”

The Art Show features the artwork of students in all three district schools and is held each year during the week of the budget vote, giving students, staff and district residents the opportunity to see the artwork.

Art teachers Jessica Caeners, Lauren Ferguson and Wickwire had some assistance from students in setting up the art displays in the high school gymnasium, senior lounge and hallways.

“It’s definitely worth it,” said Wickwire of the work it takes to set up the displays. “For the art department, it’s our time to shine. The kids are really proud to see their work displayed nicely.

“My favorite part is to have the students come up from the elementary school, find their artwork, and be excited to be in the high school and see their artwork up.”

Art ShowArt Show