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Wildcat Tours District Schools

Wildcat is an instant campus hit.

Wildcat TourThe Webutuck Wildcat felt the energy and excitement of the students as the district’s new mascot completed its campus tour with a visit to the elementary school on Oct. 11.

“The energy was amazing,” said Wildcat. “I loved all of the kids’ reactions. It was fun.”

Wildcat was welcomed and swarmed by happy students on each stop in the elementary school. Wildcat stopped at the elementary school’s two playgrounds, cafeteria and in classrooms.

Second graders Uwaldo Che Butz and Logan Clapper enjoyed meeting Wildcat. Che Butz gave Wildcat a hug and high five, and Clapper gave Wildcat a high five.

“I was really excited to see him. He was friendly,” said Clapper.

The visit to the elementary was the last stop on Wildcat’s first campus tour. Wildcat toured the intermediate and high schools on Oct. 4.

Wildcat TourOn his tour of the intermediate and high schools, Wildcat stopped to interact with students and staff in the high school cafeteria, classrooms and school halls. Wildcat took pictures with students and staff.

“It’s just my personality,” said Wildcat of being the school mascot. “It fits with me. It’s really fun. The secret identity part is pretty good.”

Superintendent of Schools Raymond Castellani accompanied Wildcat through the schools. He said seeing the excitement and joy of the elementary school students is something he’ll remember for a long time.

“It’s exciting to see students energized and happy to see the Wildcat,” said Castellani. “It’s obviously our new mascot and we’re trying to get our children to get behind this new mascot. I was extremely overjoyed to see the elementary school students so excited to see him.”

Wildcat TourWildcat Tour