Webutuck Central School District Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is a legislative body whose powers are defined by the state of New York. The Board is comprised of seven district residents who are elected by the voters. Board members serve three-year terms on a volunteer basis without compensation.

    The Board is charged with providing a thorough and appropriate education for the children of the Webutuck community and for developing policies to carry out that goal. The Board selects a Superintendent to direct the daily operation of the schools in accordance with Board policies. The Superintendent is both the educational advisor to the Board and the chief executive officer of the District. The Superintendent has a seat on the Board of Education and the right to speak on all matters before the Board, but not to vote.

    Board member responsibilities include setting policy, establishing goals, and adopting yearly operating budgets for the school district. These and other matters are discussed during the twice-monthly cycle of Board meetings.

    Board members are not responsible for the day to-day operation of the schools. Concerns relating to individual problems occurring at the school level (e.g., instruction, building maintenance, school lunches) are best brought to the attention of the building principals, who can handle the concerns most promptly and effectively. Matters that are not satisfactorily resolved at the school level may be referred to the Superintendent.

    Board members recognize the enormous responsibility they have in setting the course for the school district and strive to make informed decisions. Board members resolve issues after receiving input from administration, staff, students, parents, and community members. The review of written background material, along with attendance at committee meetings, and workshop and seminar participation contribute to responsible choices by Board members.